My works of art are, among other things, a chant  or poem to  life, an honoring or ritual to the woman, since I am a painter that says hello thanks to the awakening of the dawn and appreciates the respectful demand and the images of my charmed paintbrush.

Twenty-seven years ago I suffered  an accident in the United States, in Miami, placed in Florida, which almost cost me my life. The  after-effects of it  were the loss of my sight of the right eye and a minimal vision at the left eye, for which I found myself forced to use several magnifying glasses to embody the  thorough  details on my canvas  and paintings without making the observer suspect of my lack of visual sense.

My style or school is the realism and pinto cubism under Cézanne's influence. Nevertheless, in my collections it can be found certain lines of surrealism and symbolism. Very rarely I work the work with mass productions, since I think that it makes the oberserver's vision tiring. In exchangeo fit, I show it by means of the use of  ocre shadows  that, if they are observed in series, they will describe a pictoric way enjoyed by the spectator. To form my works, I use jazz music from North America ,interpreted by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nancy Wilson, George Benson and Thousands Davis, among others.

My muse, which all the artists have and which only God knows why, is activated mysteriously. Immediately after that, with the magnifying glass in one hand and the paintbrush in the other one, between the dream of the jazz music and the mystery of my muse I sail between  light and  color, and  shapes seem to deliver them the offer, the almost instantaneous copy of the polished mirror  of  ourselves.

Why do I sign my works  with the Scorpio's pseudonymous ? I was born on November 15, in 1942 and under the zodiacal sign of Scorpion, in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 1960 I travelled to the United States looking for  new goals. I stablished my permanent residence in Miami, Florida, where I lived for more than thirty six years. These years were hard, difficult and very long-suffering. However, I was able to enjoy the American dream.

As a mere irony of the life, the sign of Scorpion takes the Painful Mother as a Virgin. His symbol, the scorpion and the dove, his word, " I wish ". In 1980, when the physicians who treated me were not giving me any hope to paint again, I could expire with this " I wish ", turning my works into moments, romances and histories of the same trip where the collective spirits wrapped in woman's bodies, which look at us in order that we look inside them at the deep stela of the of the hug at the solemn and charming hour of the human love …

A physical disability is not enough to counteract the force, the tenacity that stimulates a human being to transmit his talent, his qualities and limitations. For those mortal things that i put as a goal some time ago and i didn't see the end of it,just work harder and be really brave.Even if it lasts a little bit, wait for it, since it will  defenitely come to you , it won't take so long...


Traducción de Elvira Samaniego Martín






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